If a love for fun, craving for crawfish and affection for all things purple and gold isn’t enough, growing up one street away from the bayou confirms I’m a Louisiana girl, no doubt. I’ve experienced my fair share of Hurricane Parties, can’t stop eating crawfish, cheer on my LSU Tigers and LOVE Mardi Gras.

loading the floatTo me, Mardi Gras was a great excuse to get the family together, eat really great food, enjoy parades, see pretty costumes and play with all the fun things you would catch from a float! It wasn’t until junior high and high school I realized not everyone got a week off of school for Mardi Gras and certainly not everyone grew up playing Mardi Gras, or “Maaahdi Gras” as we more often said. Louisiana accents can make you think twice about spelling – not until I could actually spell Mardi Gras did I realize there was actually an ”r” in the word!

Playing Mardi Gras was totally my fave. My cousin and I would get my wagon, fill it with beads and take turns pulling each other around the yard, or on the sidewalk. Whoever sat in the wagon got to throw all the beads. After a successful “parade,” we would go around picking up all the beads, throw them back into the wagon, trade places and do it all over again.

Even though I no longer live in Louisiana, I can pass on the traditions by teaching my girls all about our heritage. Their backyard Mardi Gras parades are even better: three sisters means there is either another float rider or someone to catch the beads. Fun times and sweet memories.

There’s no denying my love for things with “flair” comes from my favorite holiday, Mardi Gras!



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