Spring is just around the corner and is hands down our fave!
It is the inauguration of so many things we love…

MARGARITAS (let’s be real, we make those work in every season),
and most importantly…


We love only one thing more than beachy waves – our fanatics. So naturally, when we find fanatics that bring a strong wave game, we have no choice but to form a wave squad!

These girls can help each of us find the right method to the madness of our own hair, so that we all can achieve the perfect beach waves this season! And don’t forget to help a sister out and let us know how you reach #wavegoals!

Up your Wave Game with these tips!

I get my beachy waves by: 1. Up For Air in damp hair, then twists away from face starting at ear. 2. Continue twisting ends until hair starts to knot and twist up on itself. Let dry! 3. When hair is almost dry, let knots halfway down, as shown. 4. Let hair out and finish with Flex Reflect for amazing no heat waves ?

fave4 Style Expert

I managed to get my signature everyday beach waves with ZERO heat! All thanks to these two wonder products by @fave4hair : Up For Air ? styling cream, an overnight rope braid, and Texture Takeover ? spray!

No words. ? Ok maybe four: Up For Air PERFECTION. ?@jesssouthern lets hair air dry most of the way while down, then twists into a low loose bun before bed and wakes up to these waves.

When I say waves for dayzz- I literally mean these waves stay for dayzz!! #CurlsAndKisses and #TextureTakeover in my wet hair at night, curl a few pieces in the morning, finish with #FlexReflect and I’m set! @fave4hair is my jam” ???

Kind of obsessed with @fave4hair right now y’all. I used the Up For Air cream and let my hair air dry. But I blow dried the top to smooth the surface a little since my hair is curly naturally. Then I curled it all with a 1 1/4″ iron. But it gives such a great bounce and texture so that you don’t get that puffy air dried look! Definitely one of my fav things to use right now. 🙂 then I used Texture Takeover spray to destruct the curls and make it less prom looking lol ? they also offer pro discounts for my professionals out there that wanna try it!
Side note: it kept my extensions super hydrated too!! ?

“Up for air” styling tip: I had a client share with me that she uses #upforair as a blow dry cream and loves it. I was surprised because its purpose is to not have to blow dry. So I had to put it to the test and I am very pleased with the results. I put it on my mid lengths to ends while wet and then blew it dry. My hair felt soft, shinier, and held a curling iron curl without the use of hairspray. It was as if I had used a mousse without the crunch. #fave4fanatics that use #upforair give it a try and share with me your results by #upforairblowout @fave4hair Thanks @annantill for this style tip.

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