fave4 Style Experts uncover age-old hair mysteries

While cool water might help close the cuticle, shiny hair starts with pH balance and hair porosity. Truly, the best thing in your shower to make hair shinier is the products you are using. Conditioner being the main contributor to healthy/shinier/smoother hair after the shower!
– Lead Style Expert Amanda Diedrich

While keeping up with regular cuts can make ends stronger and hair appear healthier and fuller, they do NOT make hair grow faster. However, taking care of your hair CAN make it grow faster.  Annnd since it just so happens we know a thing or two about hair care … we asked our style experts Amanda Diedrich and Sophia Barker to come up with their fave 4 tips for longer, stronger healthier hair.


fave4 products can make your hair grow faster!

Wash Right

Use the shampoo and conditioner combo best suited for your hair. fave4’s mix and match style means there’s a combo for everyone.  A healthy scalp starts here. So come out of the gate with products that are Color safe & free of Gluten/Parabens/Sulfates. 

Wash Less

Use Texture Takeover to PREVENT oil. That’s right. Don’t just COVER up the oil with a dry shampoo. We created Texture Takeover to work proactively to avoid excessive oil when applied to clean hair. This will allow you to wash less often since over-washing causes hair to dry out. AND Texture Takeover provides all-over volume, subtle lift, a messy/sexy textured hold and smells divine.


SECRET TIP – Spray Jessie James Decker’s Honey Dew Hair Perfume in hair for a fresh, sexy smell on those no-wash days and no one will know the difference! ?

Play It Cool

All the cool kids go Up for Air a couple times a week to give their hair a break from the heat.  On the days you turn up the heat tool, use our heat- protective creams: Smooth For SureTwice As Thick,  or Curls And Kisses. They will seal and protect the cuticle up to 450 degrees (and that’s hot!) PLUS they will provide you an amazing style out EVERY day!

Treat Your Hair

Your hair will inevitably face some damage, which slows down growth. Good news is that you can treat and reverse some of that damage with Duosity – a 2 part formula, created to whip together to optimally penetrate the hair shaft for maximum repairing results.

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