Making the Product: Smooth For Sure

Upgrades: new phones, first class flights, app features (hello hilarious Snapchat face lenses), the latest security gadgets. All stuff we looooove and technology is to thank for each of them. Call us crazy, but every once in a while even us fave4 girls go a little tech-y and it shows up in your favorite products.

Part of the responsibility as your favorite haircare brand is making sure we’re always on our game: bringing you the BEST formulas possible. So we promise to constantly reinvent our products, stay up to date on advanced ingredients, and push ourselves to always be better. We also promise to listen to you, our favorite fanatics, and your feedback. This is why we’ve decided to put a lil extra lovin into Smooth For Sure. We discovered making small tweaks to our exclusive blend of smoothing and heat protecting ingredients made a major difference. The new Smooth For Sure gives you softer, silkier results without weighing your hair down while protecting against heat tools up to a hot hot hot 450°.

producttestingSo what does the product upgrade process look like? We work closely with our fave chemists, who create samples of the products we dream up, adding in the fave4 signature Secret Sauce… the extra attention to details, perfect blend of ingredients and yummy level of fragrance.

Then the product goes around the country for testing in various climates: the fave4 girls, our Style Experts, and Jessie Decker sign off on every product after using it personally. If we don’t all love it, it’s a no go. But when we all love it… that’s when the magic happens and we know the Secret Sauce has been measured out juuuuust right. It’s ready for launch, and we hustle to get it in your hands quickly.

Introducing: new Smooth For Sure. Call it the Upgrade, 2.0, Latest Version, Best Yet. Whatever it is…. It’s a win!! 

Your faves just keep getting better. 

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