Something about summer juuuuust around the corner brings out our spontaneous side. You can find us on a patio, by a lake or headed to the beach any chance we get, soaking up the sun and seeking adventures everywhere we go.

To ensure you’re never missing such type-awesome hangouts, follow these tips:

Keep your ringer on setting loud & proud – ready for an SOS from friends anytime they’re needing a last-minute ‘abandon adulthood and play in the sun alllll day’ kinda day.

♥ Have the ingredients to your fave margarita on hand at ALL times… Yes that even means fresh limes. Try our super yum recipe below!

♥ Every epic summer hang-out needs its own soundtrack. Check out fave4hair on Spotify for playlists you can borrow anytime!

♥ Become a pro at functioning in THIS laid-back style at all times… perfect for back porch-sittin, margarita-sipping, loud-singing shenanigans. Plus looks cute in any photos you’re tagged in. #fave4girlshaveallthefun

Here’s how to get this laid-back look for all your summer parties, patios, and picnics!
  1. Start by blow drying hair using Twice as Thick and Texture Takeover at the roots.
  2. Once hair is dry- add a slight bend to your hair using a 1 ¼ in curling iron or wand. Curl hair away from face & then alternating direction to all hair behind ears. Leave at least 1 ½ in of your ends out.
  3. Take the top half of your hair and loosely pull it back into an elastic. Create an inverted ponytail by splitting the center of hair above elastic & pulling ponytail through the split.
  4. Tie hair into two knots & secure loosely with a bobby or hairpin.
  5. Finish off hair with Texture Takeover!

Tutorial by Lead Style Expert Amanda Diedrich

Fanatics Extra Credit Assignment!

Complete the Happy Hour Hair Tutorial and tag @fave4hair on Instagram to be entered to win Texture Takeover and Twice As Thick!

Our FAVE Make Ya Wanna… Margaritas

Dos Equis (or beer of your choice)
Frozen Limeade, slightly defrosted
La Croix (the unicorn magical ingredient… choose your own flavor for a fun twist)
Fresh Limes
Rimming Salt
1. Grab a cute pitcher, and pour in the limeade. Don’t throw the empty can away… it’s now your measuring cup!
2. Fill the can with tequila, add to pitcher
3. Add 1 bottle of beer, and 1 can of LaCroix. Float some freshly sliced limes in the pitcher for photo-ready style points.
4. Stir, Salt, Pour, Sip. Repeat.

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