A week into #NoBlowDryJuly and we are feelin’ fiiiiiine!

We could get used to this less-is-more lifestyle…

sleeping’ in

♥ rockin’ the laid-back look

♥ basking in the summer sun/glory of all this hair health we are obtaining. ☀?

If things weren’t perfect enough, our Lead Style Expert, Amanda Diedrich out did herself with an epic ponytail tutorial that will usher all our air dried hair into heaven!

Knot Your Average Pony Tutorial

  1. Start by detangling hair with the fave4 detangling brush and prep hair with fave4 Up For Air styling cream. Let hair air dry.
  2. Once dry, spray fave4 Texture Takeover all over. Direct all hair back.
  3. Take a section from each side of the head, tie into a knot in back.
  4. With the ends of the knot, wrap around the rest of the hair- secure with an elastic underneath the rest of the hair.
  5. Grab two more sections from direction underneath the elastic. Wrap around to the front and tie another knot about 1.5 – 2 inches below the first. Bring ends underneath and secure with another elastic.
  6. Repeat this process a few more times depending on hair length.
  7. When finished, tease the bottom of the ponytail to create a more lived in style.
  8. To ensure hold throughout your day – spritz hair all over with fave4 Style Stay

 Fave Products used in this look!

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