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bless your hair – sweet magnolia

Jessie James Decker’s first hair fragrance, Bless Your Hair in scent Sweet Magnolia

The perfume is a lightweight, romantic and girly scent with Southern floral notes and created specifically to be healthy and safe for all hair types.

Jessie said it best herself: “You may look good, but if you smell bad, you could lose friends that way.”

Hair perfume is a simple way to feel pretty, sexy and freshen up strands with a lightweight fragrance which stays with you throughout the day.

**Exclusive, limited quantities available. Limit 3 per person. All sales final.**

Safe for all hair types.

4 oz.


Fave Ways to Use
  • Our favorite round brush for blowouts is one of a kind:
  • Extra wide barrel to allow more surface area for drying = quicker dry time.
  • Longer, cushioned handle for a more secure, comfortable grip.
  • Aerated ceramic barrel heats up quickly for fast results.
  • Tourmaline anti-static bristles help moisturize and condition hair.
  • Nano-silver bristles prevent bacterial growth.
Fave Ingredients
  • Zeolite – A natural detoxifier to absorb oil without weight while providing texture and volume
  • Glycerin – humectant, non-irritant, helps provide easy combing
  • Humectants – saves your style by blocking moisture in the air
  • Dimethicone – silicone that prevents water loss, provides easy combing and helps with an easy rinse out
  • UV absorbers – helps protect hair color from the environment
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