send me sunshine sunless super tanner
send me sunshine

Ready, Set, GLOW!

DHA + Argan, Almond and Avocado oil bring their A-game to help develop and maintain a golden glow with daily use for all skin types.

For best results, first exfoliate then apply in long even strokes until fully absorbed anywhere you want a sun-kissed glow. Wash hands immediately after use and wait 10 minutes before dressing. Once it’s dry you’re good to go; no color transfer on clothing or sheets. Allow 2-4 hours for tan to fully develop. Need more sunshine? Build a deeper tan by reapplying. Each application looks better than the last!

Favorite For:

  • Creating a buildable, even & natural-looking tan day by day
  • Extending the life of your current tan
  • Totally hydrated skin with a gorgeous glow
  • Super soft skin with a fresh, tropical scent. (No need to rinse off until next shower!)



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