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    Lynne McNelis and Alex Andrews, founders of fave4


    Nothing will come before those we love the most. We started this company at the same time we were each starting our families, so fave4 falls right in there as one of our babies. However, our children and husbands come first, always. Everything we do is in balance with them, and most work is done from our homes so we can create amazing hair products and have the cutest office assistants ever. The fave4 family then extends to the rest of the fave4 girls - the team which combines to make everything happen in front of and behind the scenes. Jessie Decker leads this squad of girls who we adore and are so grateful to have in the house of fave4. Finally, the #fave4fanatics round out our extended fam, from the hairdressers who use our products every day to make their jobs more beautiful to the fans who share their tips and product tricks - everything we do is for our FAMILY!


    Creating professional hair products, for pro hairdressers is our priority. Professional also describes our business philosophy. Up front, honest, sincere, loyal and hardworking. There is a fine line between pushing boundaries and breaking rules - we will always push the boundaries of what can be done and achieved, but never deviate from the rules and standards we set for ourselves. Keeping our products in the hands of pro hairdressers and their clients is where it’s at!


    This comes in many forms for us. Faith in our beliefs, in ourselves, in each other, and in the people we choose to do business with. Being forthright in the way we do business and always maintaining good faith in the human ability to gravitate to what is right. Truth and light are wonderful things and will always prevail.


    Does this really need explaining? If it’s not fun, we won’t do it. If someone isn’t up for fun, we won’t work with them. If the products aren’t fun to use, we won’t make them. We LOVE fun. Fun is our fave.