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    At fave4 we love our customers and want them to be completely satisfied with their purchase.  fave4 products sold by unauthorized sellers are not covered by our warranty and may not be returned or exchanged. If you have purchased fave4 products from an unauthorized seller at Amazon or eBay please STOP & DON’T DO IT AGAIN (sorry for all caps but we’re pretty passionate about this)!! We cannot guarantee where these products came from, if they are real or how old they are…you and your hair deserve better!

    In order to guarantee hair happiness please purchase directly from, from your fave hairdresser or from our authorized retailers. Remember, the fave4 girls and your hairdresser always have your back and want to make your product experience is a positive one with AMAZING results. 

    Authorized Amazon Retailer:

    fave4hair (Yes! We sell direct and all orders are fulfilled by Amazon!)


    Unauthorized Sellers: (Including, but not limited to the following...)

    Aspen House Beauty


    Penick Co.

    Latest Beauty

    Saimon Int


    Assurant Success

    Top Shelf Beauty

    Mile High Beauty Supply

    GSM King


    Clear Beauty Co

    If you have any questions, concerns or want to find a salon/hairdresser near you that carries fave4 please contact us at