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    4 Minute Hair How-To

    It's a Monday morning and your alarm went off late...again!

    2nd day hair looking pretty interesting in a (very) messy bun as you jump out of bed! What to do? Have no fear, the fave4 girls are here to show you how to take your hair from drab to FAB in 4 mins or less using all your fave products! ​

    Disney Princess Inspo, fave4 Style!

    Hey fave4 fanatics! Whoop-whoop, Halloween is here!

    Is your little one looking to be her fave princess? or are you yourself needing some last minute inspo for a costume party? Don't worry, fave4 girls have got your back! Below you can find step by step photo tutorials on how to use your fave products to create fabulous Disney princess hairstyles for princesses of any age! Make sure to tag us in all your Halloween hair styles using fave4 products on insta, we wanna see what you create! 

    ABS Episode 4 - Egos, makeovers and a newbie, oh my!

    ABS Episode 4 - Egos, makeovers and a newbie, oh my!

    The final 8 had to work in pairs—with their rivals—to perform walk-in makeovers on location. When Jonny (@jonny.levi) steps in for the injured Tyme, tensions rise. Teams were given one hour to make over as many clients as possible without sacrificing the quality of their work and listening to their client’s direction.

    Fave Final Look: Team Beat Bump Slay (Mitchell @mmmmitchell & Corey @stylesbyhim) - The bold winged eyeliner with gorgeous crown braids and soft waves definitely gave us all the feels. Yessssss!!!

    Fave Quote: "I will when I take the crown with my teammate though." ~Jonny’s response to Sandy @sandypoirierofficial telling him he won’t listen to him because he doesn’t exist and just showed up. Oh snap, well put Jonny!

    Fave LOL Moment: Team Azucar’s (Andrew @andrewvelazquez_ & Danny @dannyjelacahair) interesting client that walked in a bit of a hot-mess Santa but wanted to walk out looking like a visionary. His post-makeover video was fantastic!

    Fave Drama-rama Moment: John @johnblaine7 and Sandy’s Team No Filter (you can say that again!) explanation/argument with the judges on why they didn’t do make-up and how they failed to meet the challenge of the…challenge!!

    Missed the hair-raising action? Visit to watch full episodes and pick your faves or for any and everything about the show and contestants.

    All these makeovers on every-day people got us thinking, we’re everyday people too so we’re sharing some of our fave hair hacks with you. They’re not only easy peasy lemon squeezy but will have you looking great with minimal time and effort. You're welcome! 

    1. GYM CLASS HERO: Pre-workout spray Dirty To Flirty Dry Shampoo around your hairline. It will help soak up the sweat and totally salvage your blowout!
    1. RIDE THE WAVE: No time to curl your whole head, no worries. Put your hair in a high pony and spray with Workable Wear Hairspray. Section hair into 4 pieces and curl with a curling iron. Take down the pony and BAM, instant waves! Finish with Texture Takeover for the ultimate tousled style.
    1. MORNING BOOST: Revive slept in hair by using Vertical Volume on dry hair to quickly fit a pillow cowlick. Spray in roots and blast with a blow dryer for 20-30 seconds making sure to smooth out the cowlick. 
    1. AFTERNOON DELIGHT: Hair falls flat by 3:00 pm? Flip your head over and blast all over with Texture Takeover to get those tired tresses WOKE just in time for happy hour.

    American Beauty Star Episode 3 - A Quick Tip Tutorial

    American Beauty Star Episode 3 - A Quick Tip Tutorial

    Last night, the nine remaining contestants had to sell themselves as a beauty brand by creating 1-minute quick tip tutorials. Egos and nerves flared while YouTube beauty icon, Michelle Phan raised the bar as this week’s guest judge. In case you missed it here’s the shortlist of our fave moments of the night.

    Fave Final Look: Catherine’s, @shimycatsmua ‘No lash, lash look’ (which we can’t wait to try) topped off with a bouncy pony finished with Style Stay and Texture Takeover.


    Fave Quote: ‘You’ve forgotten your place, I don’t have to do anything boo!’ – John’s, @johnblaine7 reaction to his assistant Nikki’s critique of his tutorial practice.

    Fave LOL Moment: Corey’s, @stylesbyhim explicit reaction to Tyme’s, @tymetheinfamous SPF application tutorial. ‘Are you serious?’…yep, afraid so.


    Fave Drama-rama Moment: It’s a three way tie between John vs EVERYONE, Corey vs Sandy, @sandypoirierofficial and Tyme vs the floor. John went on some pretty fantastic rants giving the business to Nikki, Amanda and Sandy. Whereas Corey let Sandy know how he really erks his nerves and decided to cash him out real quick. Now that’s the ultimate clap-back. Last but not least Tyme has fallen and she can’t get up y’all! The suspense is killing me, what happened?? 

    Missed the hair-raising action? Visit to watch full episodes and pick your faves or for any and everything about the show and contestants. 

    Braids on braids on braids…the fave4 girls sure do love a good braid and we cannot lie! American Beauty Star contestant, Corey Ford @stylesbyhim, knows what we like and is giving us the low-down on his latest gorg creation. Check it out and braid on!

    Click here for tutorial!




    American Beauty Star - Episode 2

    American Beauty Star - Episode 2

    As the competition heats up, the remaining contestants brought their A-game to the Red Carpet Challenge.

    In case you missed it here’s the shortlist of our fave moments of the night.

    Fave Final Look (we couldn’t just pick one): Amanda’s @makeup_mandi elegant twist, Corey’s @stylesbyhim sleek waves (shout out to Texture Takeover for the win) and Tyme’s @tymetheinfamous golden eyes

    Fave Quote: ‘‘So, she’s not going to be pedestrian?” – Sir John, @sirjohnofficial, when asking Corey about the wow-factor his look was going to bring to the red carpet

    Fave LOL Moment: Corey’s reaction to Sir John’s pedestrian comment. Somewhat confused about the comment all he could think about was a jay walker and how that did NOT sound appealing...HA! Us too, Corey!

    Fave Drama-rama Moment: Danny’s @dannyjelacahair overly confident pre-photo shoot critique of the other looks…the claws are coming out!

    Missed the hair-raising action? Visit to watch full episodes and pick your faves or for any and everything about the show and contestants. 


    Loved Amanda and Nicoletta’s look as much as we did?

    Recreate their red carpet style in four easy steps (of course).

    The Inspiration: A combination of the classic silhouettes of the 50’s and 60’s with a modern organic twist. Given that the dress chosen was extremely elegant with a detailed high neck Amanda and Nicoletta decided the hair needed to be swept up and understated. 

    Step 1: The model’s hair had a natural wave so Nicoletta began by stretching out the texture and building in a foundation using Smooth for Sure Blowout Cream.

    Step 2: Once the canvas was prepped she set the top of the hair in a Mohawk section from hairline to below the crown with hot rollers, lightly teasing the base of each roller with Workable Wear Shaping Hairspray prior to setting.

    Step 3: Once the rollers were cooled she dressed the hair back into a French twist by laying a foundation of bobby pins and securing the twist with Style Stay Hard Hold Hairspray.

    Step 4: Nicoletta finished the look by creating face framing pieces curled with a 1.5” curling iron moving away from the face dragging the ends straight. To add shine, she added a final layer of Flex Reflect Lightweight Shine Hairspray. 


    Make-Up by @makeup_mandi | Hair by @nicolettagauci