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    fave4 was born from the idea that haircare can be clean, high-performing and affordable…at the same time!

    We believe in good hair for ALL, that’s why fave4 is family friendly and formulated for all hair types and textures. 20+ years in the haircare industry prepared us to create a salon quality brand, that was easy to use and approachable.  Making you feel good about yourself and your hair is our jam, so let’s play hair!


    The fave4 philosophy


    Safe without sacrificing style

    First and foremost, we’re Moms, so developing clean hair products was a necessity from the start! Our products are responsibly formulated and tested (never on animals!)  ALL are free of gluten, sulfates, parabens, phthalates and MEA & DEA…just to name a few. We also have products free of silicones, aluminum, and alcohol. Our products are constantly evolving to make sure we’re providing you with the cleanest, highest performing products as possible.

     The right product can be pure magic

    Our products are formulated to address your hair wants and needs as well as the needs of your family. We’re tackling your biggest issues for the promise of a better hair day.  Discover faves for big hair, smooth hair, second-day hair, hair that needs repair and everything in between.

     More friends = more fun

    We have a fantastic community of professional stylists and fave4 fanatics who regularly share tips, tricks, trends, and hair stories.  Follow our social media accounts and get in on the fun!

     Give back whenever and however

    We believe in doing good in big and small ways every day. We donate time and product to help out with disaster relief efforts as well as donating to charities and causes near and dear to our hearts.


     I’m Lynne, fave4 founder as well as lifelong beauty enthusiast, hairspray lover, dance hair expert, girl Mom and hair whisperer!  Growing up in hot & humid Louisiana I learned early that the right hair product can be pure magic.

    In my perpetual search to eliminate frizz I found Bed Head Control Freak Shampoo by TIGI. I remember loving how the name, color, fragrance and copy evoked all my senses! I was also impressed that it did exactly what it said it would. I needed to find a job where I could make stuff like this!  

    Little did I know my first job out of college was going to be at TIGI - one of the largest professional hair product companies in the world. Within six years, I was leading product development, and three years after that I was living in London as Head of Global Innovation for Unilever.   

    After the birth of my first daughter, I realized a $40 texture spray was no longer an option for me. I knew I could not only make a better, cleaner texture spray, but I could do it for way less! I owed it to women to help them solve their hair dilemmas with affordable products that did what they said they would do.  

    It all kept coming back to hairdressers! For years I’ve noticed they only use a few, select products that they couldn't live or style without. They didn't need a million different products, they needed a few high-performing ones paired with brilliant techniques to get amazing hair…  

    So, I took all the knowledge I’d gained from my many years developing hair products with chemists, stylists, and amazing creative geniuses and created fave4 It was everything I believed belonged and didn’t belong in hair care crafted with integrity and intent. Clean, easy-to-use, family friendly and high performing - I can’t wait for you to discover your faves!