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    Air Dry tips for heat-free Winter hair

    Air Dry tips for heat-free Winter hair

    Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean you have to ditch your heat-free routine. Follow our faves steps for winter air dry success. 


    1. Use a microfiber hair towel or wrap for at least 20 minutes after washing. 


    1. Flash dry your hair with the cool setting on your blow dryer (never more than 1-2 minutes). This will help reduce your air-drying time.


    1. Once hair is 80% dry, apply Up for Air, heat-free Air Dry Cream from ear length down. This will help minimize frizz and enhance your natural texture. 


    1. Twist it and forget it! Depending on the length/thickness of your hair create two space buns or one loose bun. The trick is the smooth twist. Brush hair before twisting and securing. By twisting smooth hair it will create, flawless heat-free waves.

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