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    Friday Feature with Taylor Stern

    Friday Feature with Taylor Stern

    Each week we will focus on one of our favorite fun, fearless females! We are so lucky to know, work with and be friends with some of the coolest ladies around who are making their mark and inspiring others in life…moms, hairdressers, students, teachers, fashionistas, entrepreneurs, sisters…you name it. Check in with us every Friday as we share the stories of women who are fun and fearless and share our love for fave4!

    Taylor Stern is the Content Strategist and a media maven for the world renown Dallas Cowboys. She moved to Dallas after graduating from the University of New Mexico. You’ll catch her on the sideline of games or in the studio analyzing plays, interviewing players and sharing her knowledge of football life with all the Cowboys fans across the nation. She’s a sports-loving beauty fan who also knows the importance of camera ready hair on the daily!  Learn a little more about her here:

    fave4: What motivates you to get out of bed each day?

    Taylor: I’m motivated to get out of bed in the morning knowing I have no idea what this day about to teach me. I get excited thinking about the uncertainty of it all. 

    fave4: What’s it like working in an industry full of guys?

    Taylor: I actually forget that I do a lot of the time. I’m treated very equally! I will say it fuels my competitive nature. 


    fave4: What was your favorite hairstyle from high school? 

    Taylor: I was really into the stick straight hair with all the side bangs! Ha!



    fave4: If you could choose one, what would it be…mascara, hairspray or coffee?

    Taylor: This is difficult but I’d say coffee only because it keeps me on my 100 mph pace! 

    Bonus: What’s your favorite fave4 product?

    Taylor: Workable Wear Hairspray because it keeps my gameday curls perfectly in shape. I spray each piece before I curl with my favorite wand!

    Fun Fact: Taylor has a sister named Alex who is a singer and songwriter in Nashville! She’s got her own feature coming up soon! -#sistersrule

    If you're a football kinda girl, follow Taylor on Instagram @taystern. Go Cowboys!