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    Disney Princess Hair Tutorials

    It's that time of year to turn yourself (& your hair) into the royalty you are!! Get inspired by our fave Disney Princesses and these totally, magical (crazy easy) hair tutorials!

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    Fearless Female with Alex Stern

    Fearless Female with Alex Stern

    We always love supporting and cheering on up and comers because it reminds us of all the love and support we got as we were launching fave4 5 years ago. Alex Stern is one of country music’s rising stars. This Albuquerque native and now Nashville resident has such a great vibe (and an amazing turquoise ring collection). We love listening to her music when we are holed up in the fave4 office. It always puts us in a great mood and gives us that boost of energy to get through our office work. Alex is a long time lover of fave4! We can’t wait to see where Alex’s career takes her.

    fave4: What’s your favorite fave4 product and why? 

    Alex: I love my fave4 Texture Takeover spray! It works amazing with my natural curls to give them textured volume, and it creates the perfect hold for an all day style no matter what the weather or occasion is. It is THE BEST. 

    fave4: When did you know you wanted to sing, and what has been your biggest obstacle so far?

    Alex: I grew up singing in the choir at church, and when I was 9 years old I heard about a voice teacher in my hometown. I begged my parents for lessons. I ended up loving them and the rest is history! The biggest obstacle but also AMAZING but terrifying thing was moving to Nashville. It was definitely an adjustment moving across the country alone to pursue music, but it has been the biggest gift.

    fave4: What’s your favorite song you’ve ever recorded, and why?

    Alex: Right now I'm in the studio recording my new music and so far, these two songs we've recorded for my upcoming project have been my favorite to record ever. Recording them has felt so natural and truly fun. Sometimes recording can feel really high pressure because I always want to get everything perfect but with this recent project, nothing has felt forced at all.

    pc: Hannah Merritt

    pc: Hannah Merritt

    fave4: What’s your most embarrassing or favorite hairstyle of your past (childhood or teenage years)?

    Alex: My favorite hairstyle is the one I recently got. I love it because it's so easy to style when I'm on the go. Plus I think it fits my personality.

    fave4: Tell us something most people don’t know about you.

    Alex: Ever since I was little I have loved rocks, minerals and gemstones, I collect them, I study them and I love them. Turquoise is my favorite of course. 

    Learn more about Alex by going to her website Be sure to check her music out on Apple Music or Spotify.


    Get to Know Lauren Vizza

    Get to Know Lauren Vizza

    You may have seen this pretty face and gorgeous hair on our Instagram, but now you get to know brains that belong to this beauty!  Lauren Vizza doesn't do anything small and 2019 will be no different! A journalist, news anchor, 2x state pageant titleholder, mom to a fur baby, philanthropist, daughter and sister just isn't enough for Lauren...she's getting ready to marry her college sweetheart from Louisiana Tech in April (in England!) and is even starting her own business...launching today called Vizza Rich Communications Strategies. She's looking forward to pulling from her past experiences (and she has a lot!) to coach business professionals, students, athletes and more!

    fave4: Whats your favorite fave4 product and how do you use it? 

    Lauren: I love the Texture Takeover hairspray! I use all of them depending on what the style, weather, and occasion calls for but the Texture Takeover is my everyday choice! I spray it while I curl my hair the first day and then use it to touch up until the next hair washing day! It helps keep my style without adding extra gunk or weight! My other fave is Workable Wear which also sees lots of curl time especially when I'm getting ready to go on-air! See how Lauren gets her morning look here.

    (Photo Creds:  Zac Grimaldo)

    fave4: Who is your hair hero and why? 

    Lauren: Olivia Culpo during her Miss USA and Miss Universe days is my pageant hair hero! I literally brought photos of her long, shiny, soft curls to my stylist to try and have us create my version of that!
    Right now, my favorite is Priyanka Chopra (JONAS)  because of her versatility! She has amazing, healthy, strong, thick hair and it's so fun to see her wear it so many different ways. Plus, I am stealing her vibes totally for my upcoming Bachelorette Party in NOLA. 
    (Photo Creds: Steven Palowsky)
    fave4: What have been the benefits of being a 2x state titleholder...(Miss Louisiana & Miss Louisiana USA!)
    You end up with twice the number of opportunities! Seriously, being able to travel and connect with so many people has opened doors I never dreamed possible. It's all about figuring out who you are, what you think, and what you want to do so to be able to go through that at two very different points in my life helped me to have a better understanding of myself. It's really special to develop personal relationships with different sponsors, coaches, and people you meet along the way that last through both reigns and beyond. 
    (Photo Creds: Younique Photography)
    fave4: What's your biggest fear?
    Heights! I get scared on a ladder!! BUT I love to push myself past that fear (within reason) and in 2013 I agreed to go "Over the Edge for adoption" and I rappelled down the tallest building in Louisiana. We got to the top and I wanted to scream, cry, pass out...but I couldn't because there were cameras and people everywhere. Plus, former LSU Football head coach, Les Miles was doing it too and he was scared I wanted to be tough. I did it, and now I never have to do it again. 
    fave4: What's the funniest things that's ever happened to you on air?
    One of the most common things is saying "Good Morning" to everyone no matter what time of day it is. If I am filling in on the evening shift, I accidentally say it to the reporters. 
    But one of the most ridiculous...we had a guest on a lifestyle show bring a FLYING COCKROACH on the show and during the interview she took it out of the container and it JUMPS OUT OF HER HAND. I jumped off camera and kept going back and forth trying to just make it through!
    Watch Lauren waking up Shreveport each morning on NBC6/FOX33!
    Follow Lauren @laurenvizza on Instagram.