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    Disney Princess Hair Tutorials

    It's that time of year to turn yourself (& your hair) into the royalty you are!! Get inspired by our fave Disney Princesses and these totally, magical (crazy easy) hair tutorials!

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    Time with Tara, One of our Texas Faves

    Time with Tara, One of our Texas Faves

    Meet Tara! This fun-loving super talented stylist is TONI&GUY educated and sweet as pie! You’ll might catch her hanging out at the fave4 lab playing hair with us on weekdays, but on weekends, she’s slaying wedding party hair or singing on stage at church. Tara’s hair game is strong and her faith is even stronger.  @absolutestrengthstylist

    fave4:What was your most embarrassing or favorite hairstyle growing up?

    Tara:My most embarrassing hairstyle was definitely the BUTTERFLY clips!! Whyyyyy was that a thing?!

     Texture Takeover Texturizing Hairspray

    fave4:What’s your favorite fave4 product and why?

    Tara:My favorite product has to be Texture Takeover Oomph Enhancing Hairspray!! It is a LIFESAVER when it comes to doing updos. It gives you just enough grip to create the style but is still super flexible and easy to work with.

    B+ foundation 

    fave4:What’s your biggest source of motivation

    Tara:My biggest source of motivation is definitely my brother, Chas. He unfortunately, passed away from colon cancer at the age of 19 about 6 years ago now. He’s my best friend, and if I have learned anything from him and my experience with his loss is to GO FOR IT!! Always give 110%. His faith, strength and courage during his battle with cancer taught me that I could do anything. It also showed me how short our lives are, and we need to make the most out of it by doing what we love. With that being said, I finally, at the age of 26, decided to go to cosmetology school and I am so happy I did!! I tried a few other careers, but this one definitely had my name on it!!

    I recently shaved my head in memory/honor of Chas and raised money for the B+ Foundation. They have been amazing to work with and have such an incredible team and amazing cause!! They raise money to provide financial assistance to families of children with cancer and help fund research for childhood cancers.

     fave4:What part of your job is the most FUN?

    Tara:I love all of the people that I get to work with as a professional hairdresser. I love hearing others stories, lives, struggles, successes, etc. It is so empowering to me, and also gives me the opportunity to share mine (and my brothers) story as well. I love being able to motivate others, especially during difficult times.


    If you live near Dallas and need hair and makeup help, Tara is one of our faves! @absolutestrengthstylist!