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    Out of This World Dirty Hair Hack!

    Learn how to make dirty hair last ONE MORE DAY...Space Buns are perfect for oily roots and dry ends. Read below how to make day 2 (or 3 or 4 day hair) more fun! We are loving this look by our friends at @grandslamglam!

    1. Start by prepping roots with Dirty to Flirty Dry Shampoo to absorb oil and refresh hair.  Spray in, wait 30 seconds, then brush through.
    2. Then create two high pigtails using the front half of your hair to around your mid crown area and secure with elastics.
    3. Next spray Texture Takeover throughout each pigtail and back comb, with the fave Teasing Brush, to add texture & grip. 
    4. Then twist each pigtail loosely, then spiral around into a bun and secure with bobby pins. For a more textured look, if you have thick hair, loosely braid each ponytail and wrap to create each bun! 
    5. Next spritz your remaining hair left down with Dearly Detangled to re-hydrate dry ends.
    6. To make the style more fun, loosely curl pieces then shake them out while spraying Texture Takeover all over. 


    Special Celebrations in Santorini

    Eight years ago today while my husband were on vacation in Greece, we made a life changing decisions. We decided I would quit what had been my dream job developing hair products for one of the leading beauty brands and embark on a new dream based on everything I learned during my tenure in the professional beauty industry. It just so happened to be our first wedding anniversary (yay!), and I was pregnant with our first little girl (yay! yay!). After we shook on it, we decided not to look back and make the most our anniversary celebration since we would be moving back to the US from London a few months later to start my new hair and beauty journey. 
    Hair PerfumeHair Perfume
    We spent the next few days in Oia, Santorini. We took more than 500 pictures of the most beautiful and unique places we had ever been. The white villas, teal waters, hot pink flowers and cobalt blue accents were unforgettable. I knew one day I wanted to launch a hair product that would take me back to Santorini either in real life or in product life. The smell, the colors, the name - it all came together just perfectly with the launch of our new hair perfume Santorini Rose. 
    I hope it helps you escape to my favorite place, too.
    Santorini Rose Hair Perfume
    Santorini Rose Hair Perfume
    Santorini Rose Hair Perfume